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Wva by Zacmariozero

*The sound of violent shoving is heard.*

???: Do I really have to do this again? I quit this gig YEARS ago!

Undisclosed name: Yes. We understand you have a business to run, but this will make you more money.

???: MONEY?! Okay, I'll do it! 

A person steps into the room. He is a large crab wearing a suit.

Mr. Krabs: Hello, everyone! I'm Eugene Krabs, and I used to host this schmuck's fights two years ago! Apparently, he has hired me again to make these preludes more "interesting", or some blah like that. So, what is my first hosting job after coming back? Well, let's see here..... Hm, apparently, this fight will pit the self-proclaimed best-fighters of their universes against each other. One claims to be the "Best there is at what they do", and the other is the "Master of the Fist." Both have survived through years of brutal and tough fights, and those skills will be tested- Okay, I know darn well you guys are only gonna read this for the bloodshed.

The first combatant is James "Logan" Howelett, also known as Wolverine! The second combatant is Akuma, the master of the Sat.... Satsui No Hado? Did I pronounce that right? Well, regardless, I'm Mr. Krabs, and I'm the guy who analyzes these combatants to see who would win in the fight! I should note that Wolverine's bio was done by :icongrinderkiller1: and Akuma's bio was done by :iconhakuxtemari: .

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Real Name: James Howlett
Aliases: Logan, Weapon X, Patch, Death.
Age: Late 30's physically but has lived over a hundred years.
First Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #181 (November 1974)


-One of the X-Men's finest.
-Survived the brutal Weapon X Program.
-Has went fisticuffs with a demon possessed grizzly and won.
-Once survived for six months under a glacier by eating strips of his own arms.
-Gets one-shotted into space and survives the experience.
-Snaps the neck of an attacking dinosaur.....WITH HIS HANDS.
-Climbed a mountain with a moose on his shoulder.
-Despite his berserker status, has taught plenty of fighters well enough that they can be considered master martial artists.
-Has ventured through Japan when his healing factor wasn't functioning properly.
-The only one in the Marvel Universe to have Adamantium Beta in his skeleton.
-Is inhuman compared to even most mutants.
-Grievously deformed Thing's face to the point he had to wear a mask.
-Has often won against his more stronger rival, Sabretooth.
-Lived for 130 years.
-Has fought off and won against the Angel of Death, Azrael.
-In their first encounter, could have easily killed Red Hulk.
-A member of the New Fantastic Four, X-Force and the Uncanny Avengers.
-Had his heart exploded and he healed it back in less than three panels and gets back up again.

Mr. Krabs: Before he became the poster boy for the X-Men, before he became the Wolverine, James Howelett was born in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada, during the late 1880s, purportedly to rich farm owners John and Elizabeth Howlett. However, another person living on the plantation named Thomas Howelett was thrown out for an attempted rape with the assistance of Thomas' second son, who went by the alias "Dog", but Thomas returned and killed James' supposed father, John Howelett. In retaliation, James ended up killing Thomas by accident, since bone claws suddenly grew from the back of his hands and stabbed him.

Now, I want you all to guess the plot twist here. It is the most common twist of them all. Go on, guess! I'll give ya a hint: It happened with Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Not good enough? It happened with Michael and William Afton. Get the picture now?

Mr. Krabs: .... Yeeeeeeeeep, the boy shanked his father by accident. Ouch. Anyways, James, now going by the alias of "Logan", ran away from home with his childhood love, Rose, before she met the same accidental fate of his Daddy. From that point on, Wolverine was captured in a circus (Where he met his long-time rival Sabretooth), fought in World War 2 alongside Captain America, among other wars he fought in. During all of this, however, Logan's mutant powers began to take form. Alongside his claws, Logan had gained heightened senses of smell, hearing, and sight. Most notably of all, Logan's healing was vastly accelerated, allowing him to heal wounds in little to no time at all.... Or even entire organs! Heck, he healed from being reduced to a skeleton! Now THAT's awesome!

MUTANT POWERS (Not including the claws. We'll look at those in a moment.):

Image result for wolverine healing factor
Healing Factor:
-Most potent in the Marvel Universe, rivaling only Hulk and Deadpool's.
-Can reject turning Wolverine into a werewolf.... somehow.
-Has adapted into his body.
-Can heal and regenerate important organs like his heart and his skin.
 --Has done this numerous times.
-Healed up even after having his brain shot through his eyes.
-Can even regenerate Wolverine after being reduced to nothing but a skeleton.
-Grew back his throat after being thrown into a river.
-Wolverine's natural healing also afforded him the virtual immunity to poisons and most drugs.
-Shortly after being dragged underneath a car and after having many of his bones being broken, was able to heal shortly after.
-His healing factor always had to work on the cuts made on Logan's arms when he sheathes his claws.
-Has resisted being assimilated by Spore.
 --Spore is a living disease that was able to overwhelm Eternals.
-Overcame being infected with an alien virus.
-Healed back his skin after he got nuked at ground zero.
-Grew back his burnt off skin after surviving the nuke on Hiroshima.
-Is directly influenced from his adrenaline.
 --While in his Berserker state, his healing factor becomes boosted.
-Stems from his brain.
-His healing factor is fast enough to keep his skin from being incinerated from being near a sun. 
-Healed up a large hole in his stomach after an alien plunged it's fist through it.
-When Wolverine went skydiving off the Helicarrier, it is implied Wolverine crashed and healed it immediately.
Superhuman Acute Senses:
-Wolverine has the ability to see vast distances with complete clarity and even hear the most subtle of noises.
-His acute senses that are many time greater than that of a human being and even surpass that of most animals on Earth.
-Hears Silver Samurai’s helmet get hit from another building while inside.
-His senses are so acute “that he responds to subliminal cues” that other people don’t even notice.
-Tracked the scentless Fantomex in a sewer by his lack of scent. 
-While in a prison somewhere in a huge flying castle, Wolverine heard an approaching flying car.
-Daredevil has noted that Wolverine's sense of smell seems to be better than his.
 --Daredevil's can smell stale cigarettes that are three floors above him. 
-Managed to pinpoint Xavier's location through multiple rooms and floors of the X-mansion while under attack.
-Was able to smell Multiple Man through six-inches of reinforced steel.
-From high above New York, easily smelled a Predator X lurking in the sewers.
-Picked up Havok's scent in the crowded city of Cairo.
-Can hear an in-ear radio conversation from across the street on a different building.
-Can pick scents that are a day old.
-Was able to smell pursuers and tell that they're scared from three blocks away.
-Can hear controlled heartbeats from another side of the room.
-At a distance, hears man pulling an arrow out and knows what the man's doing before he strings the arrow.
-Can detect possession..... Somehow.
-Able to smell emotions.
-With it, Wolverine is almost impossible to sneak up on.

Mr. Krabs: Now, that sounds all fine and dandy, but then things took a turn for the Adamantium. Logan was subsequently kidnapped by the Weapon X program, where he remained captive and experimented on, until he escaped. It is during his imprisonment by Weapon X that he has adamantium forcibly fused onto his bones, almost like a candy coating. James and Heather Hudson helped him recover his humanity, and Logan began work as an intelligence operative for the Canadian government's Department H. It is at this point he finally dons the name Wolverine, and became one of Canada's first superheroes. After scuffles with Hulk and Wendigo, Professor Xavier recruited Wolverine to the X-Men, and that is where we end our story.

As I said earlier, Wolverine had Adamantium injected onto his bones. Well, here's the run-down on that!


Related image
Adamantium Beta Skeleton:
-Gained when Weapon X implanted Adamantium in his Skeleton.
-Makes Wolverine's bones nearly. indestructible.
-Adamantium Beta does not inhibit the biological processes of bone.
-Skeleton is durable enough to withstand multiple hits to head from World War Hulk.
-Weighs his blows making his punches and kicks far stronger.
-Silver Samurai's Tachyon energy field wasn't able to cut it.
-Grants Wolverine his signature claws.
-Also helps resist against some forms of mind swapping as shown with Proteus.
-Due to being molecularly bonded, the skeleton makes Wolverine incredibly hard to rip apart.
 --Hulk himself is unable to tear apart Wolverine, and Thor can't even break Adamantium.

Image result for wolverine adamantium claws
Adamantium Claws:
-Used to be bone claws but after James survived the Weapon X Program it is now laced with Adamantium.
-Claws are capable of cutting any solid material, except for True Adamantium and Vibranium.
 --However, Wolverine has been unable to cut down Reed Richard's stretchiness. 
-Can stab straight through Sabretooth's hand.
 --Some versions of Sabretooth has an Adamantium skeleton.
-Able to cut, slash and stab anything with no effort.
-Stabbed through Namor and even putting him out of the fight for a brief moment.
-Wolverine has stated before that he is in constant pain due to his claws.
-Can easily slice and eviscerate flesh and bone with ease.
-Pierced through The Thing's durable rocky body.
-His claws are one of the few known things that can cut through Colossus' osmium steel body.
-Stabbed Gladiator with enough force that he screamed in pain.
-Was able to cut through chains that were able to bind Hercules.
-Can slice clean through Sentinel armor.
-Has pierced the Hulk's akin with it.
 --At one point, Wolverine stabbed Hulk through the head; resulting Hulk being knocked out.
-His claws are sharp enough physically slice through Terminus' armor.
-Easily stabbed straight through Ragnarok's chest.
-Was able to nearly take out Iron Man out of a fight with a single swipe.
-Shredded through Mandroid battle armor.
 --Said battle armors were able to resist Cyclop's Optic Blasts.
-Took down 1/4 of the Shi'ar imperial guards with it.
-Was able to pierce through Thanos' skin and draw blood from him.

Mr. Krabs: Being a mutant, Wolverine's physical abilities are far superior to that of a normal human's. He possesses superhuman strength, speed, and durability (Healing factor aside). I mean, the dude has fought almost every main Marvel Hero to a standstill (Save for the really powerful ones, like Thor or Ghost Rider). Even the strongest and fastest, such as the Hulk and Quicksilver respectively, have a hard time laying the smackdown on Logan.

-Striking Strength should be around Multi City Block to even Town level.
-Enhanced with Adamantium injections.
-Chemical treatments have given Wolverine enhanced muscle mass.
-Lifts well over 2 tons.
-Has easily crushed steel pipes with his grip alone.
-After breaking out of Ursa Major's hold over him, lifted him up over his head before tossing him across a room.
 --Ursa Major can easily lift up train cars.
-Kicks a rather well sized boulder sending it flying at an incredible rate of speed.
-Lifts an enourmous tree trunk.
-Knocked around a Sauron that absorbed all of his energy to a standstill.
-Was able to throw Black Panther around during an ambush.
-Easily held down Daredevil despite Matt blindsiding him.
-Staggered Hulk with a headbutt.
-Physically restrained Superior Spider-Man.
-Was able to snap the neck of a dinosaur.
-Lifted up a large pillar to use it as a club.
-Punched Rogue through a wall.
 --Rogue, at the very least, can deliver punches that can shatter diamond.
-Was able to ram Thing through a wall and a door.
-Easily kicked a torso sized boulder.
-Was able to toss a man against the force of Storm's hurricanes.
-After being exhausted from an seventeen hour fight, broke free from restraints.
 --Said restraints were able to hold down Beast and Rogue.
-While underwater, punched a man so hard his head created a hole in the pool wall.
-Was able to beat down Sabretooth just by using his fists.
-Can keep up and beat down Iron Fist in a fight.
 --Iron Fist can punch through a thickly plated android without chi.
-Staggered and punched Spider-Man hard enough to injure him.
-Has knocked out Rogue with his punches.
-Swings around Dragon Man by his tail without effort.
 --Dragon Man easily weights around 6,000 lbs.
-Knocked out Human Torch with a single punch.
-Lifted up a large cylinder of ice before throwing it with the mildest of ease.
-Was able to knockout Arkon with his claws sheathed.
 --Arkon was able to take a beating from Colossus.
-Hauled a grand piano through a forest, a river and then up a mountain.
-Easily lifts six men off the ground with one hand.
-Using his grit and strength, traded blows with Gorgon.
-Punched through a werewolf's head.
-Tossed a dumpster with one hand from one side of an ally to the other sending it airborne.
 --Estimated to be 1600 lbs.
-Swatted aside X-23 despite having a sliced throat.
-Took down Warpath in hand to hand combat.
-Ragdolled Blade around in a fight.
-Easily snapped thick steel chains forged from the "hardest steel money can buy".
-Choked out Lady Deathstrike before slamming her head on an oven door.
-Knocked out Crossbones with one punch.
 --Crossbones can go toe to toes with Captain America.
-Shattered a sword with a single chop.
-Was able to accidentally snap a HYDRA Agent's neck.
-Took down Roughhouse with fists alone, even knocking him through a wall.
 --Roughhouse is the 50 tonner range, so he should be capable of throwing cars and busting buildings.
-Easily leaped up to a Sentinel's head.
-Has broken apart steel chains with no effort.
-Launched a hand ninja through a bolted thick steel door.
-Bench pressed a Sentinel from stomping him.
-While underwater, throws a rather large sized shark out of the water at a ridiclous speed
-With one hand, tossed a motorcycle.
-Stopped Sabertooth's punch dead in it's tracks.
-Took down Caliban in a fistfight.
-Durability should be around Multi City Block to Town level.
-Logan's most identified trait.
-Coupled with Adamantium Skeleton makes Wolverine extremely hard to put down.
-No sold Archangel's wing darts.
-No sold a direct Optic Blast strong enough to peel his skin off.
-Took a direct shield bash from Captain America in the face.
-Survived being one shotted into space and survives the experience.
--He didn't have his Healing Factor at the time.
-Withstood a beating from Ragnarok that left him a bloody mess.
-Took a Beating from Psylocke, who was attacking him mentally and a physical beatdown from Rogue.
 --He was injured and worn out from a previous fight.
-Survived being struck by Wrecker without any major injuries.
-After suffering Adamantium poisoning, withstood Mister Sinister's best blasts and a massive explosion going off in his face.
-Has his throat ripped out and is then tossed into a river.
-Was only bothered by Wonder Man physically throwing him around.
-Lived through Namor smashing him throughout the X-Mansion.
-Didn't slow down despite Deadpool stabbing him several times.
-Survived getting hit and dragged under a car nearly killing him and breaking many bones in his body.
 --This happened after Wolverine got his Adamantium removed.
-Divebombed Human Torch into a building, which then exploded, and got away just fine.
-Survives an airplane crash where he had extreme injuries but was able to heal moments later.
 --Said injuries including having half of his face and most of his body burned off.
-Jumped out of a plane without a parachute before crashing into a Hydra base but was completely fine.
-Merely annoyed by taking a full on lightning bolt from Storm.
-Survived having an entire stealth bomber ram him from behind.
-Just talked off a sword stab to the neck from Gorgon.
-Survived the bombing of Hiroshima.
-Shrugged off being punched several times by an angry Spider-Man.
 --At the time, Spider-Man stated that he was punching with enough force to destroy several cars.
-Has laughed off getting shot down by bullets.
 --Large caliber bullets can only daze Wolverine momentarily. 
-Remained motionless even when Captain America bashed away at his forearms.
-Was unphased 
about ingesting enough blowfish toxin to supposedly kill 20 men.
-Survived being ragdolled by Sasquatch.
-Lower level superhumans have hurt themselves trying to injure Logan.
-Withstood the entire X-Men attacking him.
-Was able to keep fighting even after Skrull Queen incinerated his arm to the bone.
-Lived through a kick from Gorgon powerful enough to make him land in Georgia.
-Survived the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima.
-Even after being blasted by a Sentinel, swam back to Utopia looking no worse for the wear.
-No sold being stabbed through the torso.
-Lived through being blasted by Doombots.
-Was only pissed off after getting shot in the head.
-Even with a large blade wedged into his neck, survived being blasted by a Fury Android.
-Survived an explosion that knocked Rogue out.
-Threw himself into a burning building to save a kid.
-Was conscious after being shot with a rocket launcher that reduced everything below his torso to a skeleton. 
-Tanked Silver Samurai's slashes.
 --Silver Samurai's power is being able to cut through any material.
-Survived being tortured with powerful electricity.
-Easily resisted pressure point attacks.
-Was still able to stand despite having his heart torn out.
-Was able to survive blasts from Sentinels. 
 --Logan has even survived blasts from Bastion, an highly advanced Sentinel model.
-Was conscious from a rocket launcher blast that blew off his most of his torso and thighs.
-Withstood hits from Spider-Man, who wasn't pulling his punches.
 --Spider-Man was able to physically move the Hulk, which got calced at the Kiloton range.
-Survived a gas potent enough to instantly KO a normal man without so much as a complaint.
-Took punches to the head by World War Hulk.
-Withstood several blasts from Firelord.
-Walked through an inferno without much discomfort.
-Survived him and Sabretooth trading wounds that would have killed over a dozen other men.
-Remained conscious from an explosion that successfully knocks Doc Samson out cold.
-Didn't even flinch when a spear pierced his stomach.
-Survived having his skeleton ripped out by Magneto.
-Survived getting blasted by an angry Phoenix.
-Lived through hits from the Hulkbuster.
-Survived getting his head smashed in by Superior Spider-Man.
-Continued fighting after Cassandra Nova blew his arm off.
-Combat Speed and Reaction Speed should be around Massively Hypersonic+
-Movement Speed should be around 200 mph or Faster Than Eye.
-Stated to react at .038 seconds.
-Can easily move faster than the eye can see.
-Can move faster than telepaths could track him.
-Caught an airplane that is taking off despite beginning his run after a long fall.
-Dodges multiple cars and debris thrown at him by the Hulk.
-Can go toe to toe with Deadpool on several occasions.
 --Deadpool can dodge electrical surges and bullets at the same time.
-Has cut down bullet and darts in the air.
-Reacted to missiles that were faster than any in the modern world.
-Dodged and blocked Cyclops' optic blasts.
 --Scott's Optic Blasts can go around the Mach 100 range of speed.
-Was able to throwing needles out of the air during a speedblitz before his cigar as begun to fall.
 --James did all this while sitting in a chair.
-Killed a highly trained ninja before she can even register what happened.
-Speedblitzed Sabretooth.
-Blocked a strike from Yukio, a skilled ninja, at the last second.
-Stated to strike and think at the same time.
 --Does this so fast that even Psylocke and a Brood that absorbed Xavier's telepathy have a hard time tracking him.
-Easily dodged around helicopter gunfire and missiles. 
-Evaded Scalphunter's explosive rounds.
-Ran in on an Apache helicopter so fast that it's targeting systems can't even lock onto him
-Intercepted a guasse-gun rocket launcher.
-Wolverine exerts himself in short, quick bursts which momentarily increases his movement speed.
-Kills four men before Sinister could say a single word.
-Was able to ghost in a hail of gunfire before even dodging even more gunfire.
 --The gunmen has even stated that he was able to move faster than the eye can see.
-Dodged a point blank gunshot with a backflip.
-Crossed the room in time to block fire from a dart gun.
-Flanked and attacked Beast while he was in the air.
-Even Spider-Man thought that Logan was the faster among the two in their initial fight.
-Was able to block a massive volley of arrows.
-Attacked several enemies from a lower floor and then immediately appears on the same floor.
-Shields a girl from gunfire after the shots were fired.
-Easily dodged automatic fire from a large group of guards before dismantling them.
-Dodged out of the way of Tess-One's plasma beam.
-Weaved around Nuke's gunfire before ghosting around a forest.
-Was able to casually dodge a Danger Room Robot's blast.
-Dodged a cannon shot from a tank, even avoiding the explosion.
-Moved Cyclops out of the way of an enhanced High Evolutionary.
-Tagged Bishop even after he teleported.
-Kept up and matched Spider-Man's every move.
-Despite being faster than him, Wolverine has kept track of Spider-Man's movements.
-Should be comparable to Hawkeye and Black Panther.
 --Both have dodged a girder thrown by an alternate universe Hulk, being calced at around Mach 5000.
-Blocked and reflected lasers going at lightspeed. 
-Kept up with Captain America in combat.
 --Wolverine himself has blitzed Captain before.
 --Cap can react to a Builders Ship going at relativistic speeds.
-Reacted to missiles that were faster than any in the modern world.
-Cuts multiple rocket powered darts out of the air.
-Dodges a rocket shot at him by Deadpool.
-Dodges through automatic gunfire.
-Despite being shot from behind, was still able to dodge and blitz the shooter before he can fire off a second shot.
-Has evaded several explosions from Gambit
-While being pinned between two cars, still evades a bullet to the brain at point blank.
-Blitzes through 1/4 of the Shi'ar Imperial Guards.
-Blade claims James to be faster than vampires.
-Punched down Speed Demon, who can run beyond the speed of sounds.
-Can flip and jump around cars easily.
-Cuts the barrels off of multiple guns so fast that the gunmen aren't even aware of what's just happened.
-Has ran and rolled through a room filled with gunmen.

Mr. Krabs: Now, Wolverine's prowess does not stop at physicality. Wolverine is a master tactician, martial artist, and swordsman. Oh yeah, he also took a page from another animal-based Super Hero and is pretty good at stealth as well. He even out-stealthed NightCrawler, and, well, look at his name! NightCrawler! How does one get a stealthier name than that?! Oh, and better yet, he can resist telepathy!


Telepathic Resistance:
-Throughout the years, Wolverine has shown heavy amounts of resistance to telepathic attacks.
 --Has also received psychic training and training from different X-Men members.
-As shown above, Logan's brain has built up psychic tissue that it's practically armor for his brain.
 --This is how he resisted a telepathic assault from Emma Frost.
-Even in a weakened state, proved too resilient for Psylocke's telepathy.
-Survived a telepathic assault from a robot Jean Grey.
-Fought off the mental suggestions of a Shi'ar Imperial Guard.
-Resisted Psylocke's telepathic assault and the Brood's attempt to control him while also being physically damaged by Rogue.
-His mind is so horrible that Ogun couldn't prolong his demonic hold on him.
-Wolverine's body and mind can move as one thus nullifying the advantage of telepathy.
-His thoughts are resistant to Elektra's attempt of psychic penetration.
-Broke free of Mojo's mind control while fending off Karma's telepathic possession.
Stealth & Infiltration:
-Wolverine is highly skilled in wetworks and has vast experience in infiltration and stealth.
 --Partially gained from his time as a C.I.A Operative.
-Was able to learn espionage from Black Widow's father.
-As shown above, practically vanished before Nightcrawler's eyes.
-Was able to get the drop on a patrolling Iron Man.
-Sneaked up on Spider-Man, surprising him in the process.
-Has infiltrated the Avengers Tower and even the Baxter Building.
-Gets passed security completely unnoticed at a UN gathering.
-Was able to successfully sneak up on Carol Danvers.
-Described as capable of moving through a forest without making a sound.
-Got the drop on a sleeping Daredevil before catching him off guard.
-Was able to get through the Yashida Compound without being caught.
 --Wolverine stated that the compound had more armed guards than Fort Knox. 
-Sneaked past the X-Mansion's defensive sensors.
-Was able to vanish from Nick Fury's side while he was right next to him.
Master Tactician:
-His brain function in combat has also been compared to a highly advanced computer.
-Forge has claimed to Logan to be a "Master Tactician."
-Has led an incarnation of the X-Force.
-Can think on his feet and improvise.
-Logan's mental state is the equivalent of simultaneously beating four chess computers.
-Used himself as bait to lure a Hydra death cult into a trap.
-Using his quick thinking, reflected Gorgon's stare using his claws.
-Came up with a simple plan so that his enemies can expose themselves.
-Has extensive knowledge on the human anatomy and physiology.
-Remembered Ogun teaching Sun-Tzu's Art of War.
-Has decades of experience against several opponents.
-Planned and timed a strike on the tightly guarded Japanese Prime Minister's motorcade .
-Was able to elaborate a complex plan to capture his son.
-Comparable to Cyclops as leader.

Master Martial Artist:
-Gained from his experiences as a soldier in WW2, a C.I.A Operative, a Samurai, and as member of the X-Men.
-Mastered 15 forms of martial arts and mastering 28 forms of Kung-Fu alone.
-Beat Iron Fist in a sparring match.
-In Marvel's handbooks, scored a seven in hand to hand skill.
 --Seven being rated as Master of all forms of Combat.
-Fought Captain America fairly evenly.
 --Captain America beat a villain who had mastered every martial art in the world.
-Was able to win a fighting tournament in Madipoor. 
-Effortlessly used a Chin-na hold to throw a large man through a wall.
-Beaten down Domina nearly effortlessly without popping his claws.
 --At this point, Domina was able to punk
 Rogue, Psylocke, Colossus, Celcia and Nightcrawler.
-Even with hands tied behind his back, took down several guards with his feet.
-Fought evenly with Black Panther at one point.
-Even while blindfolded, has taken down several swordsmen.
-At one point, disarmed his master, Ogun.
-Easily downed X-23.
-Studied how to use pressure points on humans and aliens too.
-His instinctive fighting, substantial training, and heightened physical allow him to beat a lot of people who seem more skilled.
-Was able to beat Kid Gladiator without popping his claws.
 --As shown above, studied how to kill pretty much everything that walks, flies, or slithers in the universe.
-Fought off Shogun, an Adamantium laced suit made with a part of Logan's soul, with his punches.
-Broke Sebastian Shaw's hold on him.
-Was able to easily disarm and even knock out Bucky.
 --Was even skilled enough that he beat Winter Soldier while being handcuffed.
-Captain America has admitted that Logan has some nice moves.
-Took out eight martial artists with weapons rather easily.
-Fought on par with Shang Chi before beating him handily.
 --Shang-Chi has stated 
his discipline in martial arts rival that of the focus and control of a Samurai.
Expert Swordsman: 
-Logan is proficient in Japanese sword fighting having studied under Ogun and the Silver Samurai.
 --This also translates onto how well he can use his claws.
-Has used the sword for over one hundred years.
-Has taken down the Silver Samurai in a swordfight.
 --A samurai who is skilled enough to slice down bullets in mid air.
 --Within five days of refreshing his sword skills, was able to beat him with one half of a wooden sword.
-Sliced a man's tie using his claws without actually hurting the man.
-Tends to dominate and beat down Sabretooth.
-Has stalemated Deadpool, a very skilled Kenjutsu master, with his claws.
-Without even looking, stabbed a quarter with his middle claw.
-Was able to injure Silver Samurai II and even stated that he had a long way to go.
-Caught a grenade on the tip of his claw by stabbing it into the grenade's pinhole.
-Has taken down trained ninjas, soldiers and even metahumans using his claws.
-Has used his skill and grit to take down Gorgon.
-Took down an airplane with a sword throw using his left hand.
-Using the Muramasa Sword, killed Sabretooth.
-Was able to take down a platoon of soldiers using only a knife.
-Even while blindfolded, beat several master swordsmen.
-Due to this, Logan has preferred bladed weapons as opposed to guns.

Mr. Krabs: "But wait!", you scream as you impale the computer with a nearby fan, "Why would Wolverine need a sword? Isn't he a walking weapon?" Well, that's where the Muramasa blade comes into play.  Only two were ever made, both were used by Wolverine and the second one, the one he'll be getting, was made specifically for him. Using a portion of his soul in the making of the sword (Somehow), this blade is the only thing that can kill Logan. 

Image result for Muramasa blade wolverine
Muramasa Blade:
-Used a portion of Logan's soul in the process of making the sword.
-The sword is also made of an unknown alloy that was originally bright red in color.
 --But now has the color of a conventional blade.
-After wielding the sword for a period of time, the wielder would slowly be overcome by the sword's influence.
-Decapitated Sahas shown to be virtually indestructible.
-Was able to pierce and slowly kill Omega Red's chest.
-Killed Sabertooth with it.
-Wolverine has stated that the blade is the only thing that could kill him.
-Durable enough that it has withstood multiple blows from Wolverine's Adamantium claws.
 --Has also struck his Adamantium-laced bones without sustaining any damage.
-The sword is also capable of greatly reducing the efficiency of healing factor.

Mr. Krabs: The final ability of note for Wolverine is what happens if he gets hurt so much, if he's pushed at his limit, and if he ends up losing his control. He will enter a Berserker Rage, where he turns into a complete savage, letting the anger fuel him. It helps him even more that his strength is enhanced twofold.

Image result for wolverine berserker rage art
Berserker Rage:
-When injured enough, Logan becomes a feral berserker with no sense of thought or morale.
-Boostens his strength up to 4-5 tons.
-Reduces the feeling of pain.
-Flood his system with adrenaline.
-Makes Wolverine a complete savage.
-Was able to slay a horde of demons from Limbo.
-An enraged Wolverine was able to overcome Captain America.
-Slayed and killed a near hill's worth of people in this form.
-In this mode, took down Shikaru.
-Forge has remarked on Wolverine's ability to retain his sophisticated combat skills even while berserking.
-In this state, was able to physically topple and take down a Wendigo.
-Was able to singlehandedly drove back demons from attacking Earth.
-Severely injured N'Garai, a demon lord, in this form.
-His tactical awareness is also heightened in this state, allowing him recognize attacks and projectiles coming at him from almost all directions.
-Outfought Man Beast, who was in High Evolutionary's armor.
 --Man Beast is someone who has knowledge of every form of combat a million years advanced and trade blow with Thor.
 --Also doubles as a skill feat as Man Beast stated that Logan was a predator more perfect that himself.
-Was able to outmatch Weapon Omega and even leave a grievous wound on him.
 --Weapon Omega is the combination of Age of Apocalypse Wolverine and Apocalypse.

Mr. Krabs: However, despite all of these extreme powers, Wolverine is not without his weaknesses. Though he is smarter than one would assume at face-value, he does prefer to go in, claws blazing and ready to gut people. Though this can play into his favor, most opponents can take advantage of this. Also, in terms of his feats of hurting Hulk and Thanos, this is due to his Adamantium Claws bypassing conventional durability. Obviously, Wolverine is not as strong as Hulk or Thanos.

Image result for Wolverine death
-His heightened senses can be taken advantage of.
-Despite being a Master Tactician, Logan tends to hack and slash.
-The addition of nearly 100 pounds of Adamantium to his body makes it more difficult for Wolverine to swim.
-Decapitation or severe spinal damage can heavily hinder him.
-Judging by the below video at 3:04, he also hates it when people spray cologne at him.


"I know what you're thinking, punk. Question is, 'Can I get Wolverine before he turns me into Shish-Kabob with those claws?' Well bub, seein' how these claws are Adamantium, the strongest metal known, and can slice through vanadium steel like a hot knife through butter, buddy, you gotta ask yourself: 'Do I feel lucky?'"

3182927-7956037355-65342 by Zacmariozero


Real Name: Akuma (America), Gouki (Japan)
Aliases: Master of the Fist, the Raging Demon, Lord of Dark Hadou, Shin Akuma, Oni
Age: Unknown, likely age range would be 30-40s
Debut: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (1994)

-As a child, killed a bear.
-Killed his master Gotetsu.
-Killed Gouken – or so he thought.
-Can effortlessly destroy an island and ships.
-Confirmed to be one of the most powerful characters of the franchise.
-One-shotted M. Bison, a character who can go toe-to-toe with Ryu and Chun-Li.
-Curbstomped Seth, who was capable of wiping the floor with Ryu.
-Killed Gill.
-Could fight on par with Oro, an ancient Hermit.
-Despite the temptations of the Satsui No Hado, he maintains his moral code.
-Destroyed an Island using the Kongou Koguretsuzan.
-Survived underwater long enough to destroy both a Navy Submarine and Battleship
-Leveled a forest
-Waited until M. Bison's Scissor Kick is practically touching him before dodging
-Dodged, and shrugs off blows from Gen 
-Avoided a simultaneous attack from both Ryu and Ken.
-Pushed Ryu to the point where he starts to become affected by the Satsui no Hado
-Has defeated Ryu, Ken, Sean, Guy, Adon, Gouken, M.Bison, and Gil.
-He has also fought Gen and Oro, but with unclear outcomes to both fights.

Mr. Krabs: He is one of the most feared fighters in all of Street Fighter. He cares not for the weak, and only seeks to make himself stronger. He is the master of the Satsui No Hado (I think I pronounced that right), and harnesses it in his fighting ability. He is Akuma.

However, every great fighter (Such as your's truly) has their beginnings, and Akuma's story begins with him and his brother, Gouken. Their teacher, Goutetsu, taught them a nameless, life-threatening martial art, which incorporates elements of Karate, Judo, and Kempo. He also taught them the Shun Goku Satsu, a lethal technique which, although incredibly powerful, puts the user in considerable danger. I should note that "Shun Goku Satsu" means "Instant Hell Murder", but we'll get to that in a minute. As the brothers progressed under Goutetsu's tutelage, a dispute arose on the true nature of their fighting style and the path to master it. Gouken, unable to accept the violent nature and the Satsui no Hado of his fighting style, left Goutetsu to begin his own dojo, which Goutetsu did not oppose. However, since Akuma is Akuma, he continued Goutetsu's teachings, and vowed to use their fighting style as it was intended.

In order to learn the Shun Goku Satsu, Akuma embraced the principle of Satsui no Hado, and was forced to give up any compassion he held towards other human beings. In addition, Akuma realized his limits as a martial artist could be expanded, and left Goutetsu's guidance of enlightenment to train alone to gain more power. However, due to embracing the Satsui no Hado to its fullest extent, he developed a lust to fight to the death, unlike Goutetsu, who had been able to use the Satsui no Hado without giving in to its dark side. It also seemed like "Giving into his darker side" also meant "Beating your master in a fight to the death", which is exactly what happened, as Goutetsu died a happy man to see his demonic, murderous, mad- I mean, student surpass him.

Throughout the years, Akuma has fought against some of Street Fighter's strongest characters, and always gives them an extremely rough fight, even if he loses. Heck, he even destroyed an Island once! 


Superhuman Strength by hakuxtemari
-Physical Strikes should be in the range of Small Town Level to Island Level.
-Caused an island to crumble and be destroyed with a punch.
-Capable of destroying mountains and entire forests with ease.
-Can destroy entire cliffsides and boulders with a punch.
-Destroyed a ship while rising several miles underwater.
-Casually causes earthquakes and shockwaves during fights even when holding back.
-Can defeat M. Bison, who can keep up with Chun-Li's Small Town-Level Kikosho.
Endurance by hakuxtemari
-Durability should be in the range of Small Town to Island level.
-Can effortlessly swim in depths that humans would need a submarine for.
-Had no effect of a powerful wave of ki blasting at him.
-Fought Gouken in the midst of a volcano as SF IV showed.
-Survived Gen’s pressure point based combat.

-Can take hits from Ryu, who should be comparable to Chun-Li's aforementioned Small Town Level feat.
4266608-akuma+ability+ashura+senku+(4) by Zacmariozero
-In the Supersonic+ range.
-Dodged M. Bison's attacks, point-blank. M. Bison's Psycho Drive was calculated to be Mach 313-1401.
-Capable of outpacing regular and even skilled fighters who can outrace bullets.
-Can escape an erupting volcano.
-Dodges attacks at point-blank range, far faster than gunfire. 
-Should be comparable to Ryu, who can dodge Guile's Sonic Booms (Mach 2).
Martial Arts by hakuxtemari
Martial Arts Expert:
-Mastered the Assassin Fist art – Ansatsuken.
 --Based from arts of murder, with a mix of judo, karate, and kempo.
 --Likely knows all the best spots to instantly kill a man.
-Commonly trains when alone, preferring to grow stronger.
-Master of combat, adding his own twists to his moves.

Mr. Krabs: Earlier, I mentioned something called the Satsui-No-Hado. This is the driving force that makes him as lethal of a fighter as he is. The Satsui-No-Hado installs an anger into Akuma from his desire to win, and it enhances his physical abilities slowly to reflect that aspect. He can also manipulate Ki, like other Street Fighters can, to his own advantage.


Satsui flag by Zacmariozero
Satsui no Hado
-Ki that is installed in all mortals
-Tapped into through intense rage and desire to win
-Has conquered this, preventing himself from fully losing his humanity
-Greatly enhances all of his power

Drink It Allllllllll by hakuxtemariKi Repulsion by hakuxtemariKi by hakuxtemari
Ki Manipulation
-Can use this for his aura and strength enhancement
-Can be used to repel opponents off of him
-Unleashed enough ki to evaporate a forest
-Can redirect other ki blasts or even throw them off

Shungokusatsu2 by hakuxtemari
-Aura is stated to be cold and dark.
-Can seemingly communicate through telepathy or through long distances.
-Can leave his kanji in the clouds.
-Destroyed his own wooden statues without even striking them.
-Can sense the presence of others from long distances.

Mr. Krabs: Akuma's attacks in combat focus on a combination of attacking the opponent's body and soul. The Gadouken is a blast of purple ki energy, the Tatsumaki Zankukyaku is a hurricane kick that is laced with electricity that emits from his foot, and the Goshoryuken is a powerful jumping uppercut. He can enhance the Gadouken into a Shakenetsu Hadouken, or simply fire Gadoukens from the air. He also has various more traditional techniques, such as the Hyakki Gosai and Gotsui. One of his most notable attacks is the Ashura Senku, where he can phase through objects and people to avoid attacks.

He also has a wide array of Super Attacks, such as the Kongou Kokuretsuzan, an attack where he punches the ground and causes a large explosion that can destroy an island. Oh, and there's the Raging Demon, AKA the Shun Goku Satsu. This attack specifically targets the soul of the opponent and hits it with Karmic Strikes, which uses all of the opponent's sins against them. This almost always kills the victim, whether instantly or via fatal injuries.


Gouhadouken by hakuxtemari
-A blast of purple ki
-Can be released in a wave
SFIIIGoShoryuken by hakuxtemari
-A powerful uppercut
-High chance of being fatal as its much stronger than the Shoryuken
-Can emit flame-like ki to burn the victim alive
Akumaspinkick by hakuxtemari
Tatsumaki Zankukyaku
-A powerful version of the Tatsumaki Senpyukyaku
-Can be charged for electrical properties
-Stronger versions can juggle opponents
Akuma-Zanku-Hadoken by hakuxtemari
Zanku Hadouken
-An aerial gadouken
-Can shove foes back against the ground
-Often fired twice but can be spammed in rapid-succession
ShakunetsuHadoukengoukigm by hakuxtemari
Shakunetsu Hadouken
-A powerful hadoken that sets victims on fire
-Can be charged for more damage
Hyakki Gojin by hakuxtemari
Hyakki Gojin
-Allows Akuma to strike the foe in an angle
-Sets the target ablaze in purple ki
Hyakki Gosai by hakuxtemari
Hyakki Gosai
-Grabs the foe during a flip and throws them over his shoulder
Hyakki Gotsui
-Akuma grabs the foe while both are in mid-air and slams them head-first against the ground, landing his knee on them
Ashura Senku by hakuxtemari
Ashura Senku
-Akuma’s trademark teleport
-Used for having projectiles pass through
-Can be used for spacing or closing the gap
Kongu kokuretsu zan by hakuxtemari
Kongou Kokuretsuzan
-Akuma holds his hand up, charges it with energy, than strikes with enough force to deal severe damage
-Unleashes shockwaves that can still deal damage
-Strike resembles a bolt of lightning
ShinAkumaSGS by hakuxtemari
Shun Goku Satsu/The Raging Demon
-Destroys the soul of the victim by karmic strikes, sending their sins against them
-Normally kills or deals fatal injuries to the victim
-Doesn’t work on soulless individuals or artificial life forms
-Those who extinguish their souls in time can survive it at the cost of a LOT of stamina (Gen) or enter a comatose state (Gouken)
-Sometimes believed to send the victim to Hell to be torn asunder by demons judging by the name
-Akuma usually teleports doing this to ensure nobody escapes
Messatsu Gohado by hakuxtemari
Messatsu Gou Hadoken Agyo/Ungyo
-An overwhelming blast of ki or flurry of fireballs
-Can be directed
Messatsu Goshoryuken by hakuxtemari
Messatsu Gou Shoryu
-A repeating flurry of shoryukens
-Burns with ki
Wrath of the Raging Demon by hakuxtemari
Wrath of the Raging Demon
-A stronger version of the Raging Demon
Demon Armageddon by hakuxtemari
Demon Armageddon/Tenshou Kaireki Jin
-Akuma kicks the foe into the air and spins at high enough speeds to become a vortex
-Kicks the foe with enough force to rival the Shun Goku Satsu
-Can destroy an entire ship
Misogi by hakuxtemari
-A focused version of his mountain-splitting KKZ
-Strikes the opponent with enough force down center to logically split them in half
-Tends to finish off Bison this way
-Alternatively, crushes them down with enough force to cause a powerful eruption

Mr. Krabs: Now, doesn't he sound like one scary guy? I know he does! Well, he does have one more powerful form that he uses when he encounters someone who is truly worthy of his power.... Oni. With this form, Akuma gains a massive power boost, his existence alone can clear a forest, and pretty much ALL of his new moves are implied to be instant-kill moves.


Sf4charselectoni by Zacmariozero
Power Boost
-Is much more powerful than his base form.
-Cleared part of a forest by merely existing.
-Caused a volcano to erupt by karate-chopping it.
 --Merely laughed and no-selled it after being launched into the sky.
-Footsteps alone can echo.
-Can SGS in mid-air.

Rakan Dantojin by hakuxtemari
Rankan Dantojin
-Oni swings forth, striking with the side of one palm
-Spins for a second strike
-Easily breaks guards on EX
Sekisei Jiraiken by hakuxtemari
Sekisei Jiraiken
-Oni hops into the air quickly and strikes downward, his fist glowing hotter as he does
-Easily causes double-hits as an EX
Oni-gorai-hadoken by hakuxtemari
Gorai Hadouken
-Oni charges electricity into his hadouken, launching it forth in a quick moving ball of destructive energy
Oni - Meido Gohado by hakuxtemari
Meido Gohado
-Oni charges a large orb of destructive ki and launches it
-Can be launched in multiple directions depending on input
-HEAVILY implied to be a death move no matter what if it finishes the opponent
Tenchi-sokaigen-o by hakuxtemari
Tenchi Sokaigen
-Oni performs an amped up Seikei Jiraiken a few times
-Launches the helpless foe upwards and chases after them
-Punch lands enough force that its implied to be a death-move

Mr. Krabs: Now, despite being a deadly (And downright terrifying) opponent, Akuma.... Doesn't have many weaknesses. During an initial encounter, Akuma holds back greatly, refusing to unleash his true power unless the opponent is worthy. Also, if the opponent can empty their soul or are simply soulless, the Raging Demon will not kill them.

Lastly, Akuma has a strict moral code. Most of the time, Akuma abides by the code of the warrior. Basically, Akuma fights to improve his own skill and/or gauge the skill of other opponents, he only fights opponents he considers worthy, he only truly kills in combat, and usually prefers an even battle, as he let Gen live once he realized Gen had a terminal illness.

Weaknesses by hakuxtemari


-Tends to hold back during initial encounters
-If an opponent empties their soul or is naturally soulless, the Raging Demon will not kill them.
-Strict moral code
 --Fights to improve his own skill or to gauge the might of other opponents.
 --Only challenges those he deems as worthy.
 --Kills only in the heat of battle.
 --Prefers an even, unhinged, uninterrupted battle.

"Pathetic. Is this the only challenge you could offer me, Bison? You were just like any other who has fallen to me- the Master of the Fist. You fool. Instead of mastering your own darkness, your Psycho Power, you allowed it to master you."

Marvel VS Capcom! The blood-soaked warriors of the X-Men and Street Fighters will go toe-to-toe in this fight to the death! Will Wolverine turn Akuma into Shish-Kabob, or will Akuma prove his might as the Master of the Fist!
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This is a tough one, while Akuma has a more deadlier moveset, pllus Oni could be a HUUUUGE advantage. Though Wolverine is more vicous, plus he has a healing factor that could help him heal from other blows.
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Ooh!  I like this one!  Could go either way!
The-Witty-Toaster Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2017
The only way I see Akuma winning is if can somehow manage to get in a Raging Demon or the Meido Gohado. Other than that, he's pretty much screwed in the end.
DoctorMooDB Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2017
Agreed, this is pretty much how I feel about this fight.
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